From Earth | creating a natural Apothecary

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Create your own natural apothecary using readily available ingredients with the easy, step-by-step instructions and straightforward advice in From Earth

Inspired by author Charlotte Rasmussen's Scandinavian upbringing and the botanicals she has discovered since moving to Australia, this is a perfect guide for anyone wanting to find a more holistic way of life.

Within these pages you will discover expert knowledge tailored to your lifestyle, whether you need moisturizer for dry skin or a decongestant for your child. You will be become confident combining herbs and oils and be inspired to create your own essential oil blends to infuse your home with the perfect ambience.

The heart of From Earth is about taking the natural resources provided by our planet and using them to improve your life. Instead of buying products filled with unintelligible chemicals, using this book you will be able to take control of your own skin care, fragrances and home remedies. You will be able to connect with your environment and body, restoring your health and wellbeing with a variety of homemade, naturally sourced recipes.

About the Author

When Charlotte Rasmussen came to Australia she found it difficult to find natural, organic skincare products and remedies similar to those she had used in her upbringing in Scandinavia. Due to her passion for teaching what she had been taught to her own three children, she created From Earth, a business that became an organic reality as others were looking for the same natural remedies. Her aim is to re-educate others about skincare and haircare, and shed more light on natural remedies. It has been one of her biggest passions to create natural products for herself and her family, and to share them with friends, family and customers. There is very little information on the market of our overall use of products made with natural ingredients and why they are so much better for wellbeing.

Charlotte is truly grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to share the knowledge she has gained from her upbringing and study. From her humble beginnings in her kitchen in 2017 she has now settled in Torquay, in Victoria, where From Earth has grown into a large business that ships products across Australia and overseas.